Monday, October 12, 2015

Seattle / Vancouver

Last month my boyfriend and I took a trip to Seattle and Vancouver. It was both our first time to the Northwest. Now I can see why everyone wants to move up there. I felt like it was a pretty relaxing trip. We stayed in 3 different Air BNB's... two in Seattle and one in Vancouver. 

Seattle reminded me of Austin, but I felt like I could appreciate the greenery a little more. It's so nice to see gardens kept up and looking nice. Moss was everywhere... so weird to see that... coming from Texas. I learned that Jordan is really easy to travel with and is up for basically anything including a ton of walking (thank god!). We stayed in the neighborhood of Leschi our last night and didn't even bother going back to downtown Seattle. The place we stayed at in Leschi could be my dream home. We stayed in the guest room connected to the garage. We found out the homeowner is or was an architect... so it makes sense when you look at the place. The room was perfect... windows everywhere, vaulted ceilings, beautiful wooden beams and string lighting. We had a view of Lake Washington from the bed. It looks like the woman living there enjoyed having a garden. It had huge sunflowers, a nice water features, chicken coupe, and a hammock. We just ended up walking around Leschi for the rest of the night and stopped to have some Asian fusion food for dinner. After we came back to Texas, we found out that Kurt Cobain's house was in the same neighborhood. I would have loved to walk past it. 

Vancouver was not really what I expected. Things got interesting as soon as we got there. About 30 minutes upon arriving, we found out we stayed in the poorest zip code in Canada. A guy saw us with backpacks and I guess knew immediately that we were out of towners. He talked to us for a couple of blocks and told us which streets to walk and not to walk on. The place we stayed at was pretty great, but it sure did just sick out like a sore thumb. You would have never guessed it was in the poorest area. There's a big homeless problem in Vancouver... it's definitely something you can't and shouldn't ignore. If you go a couple of streets over, there are a lot of nice shops and it's a completely different area. I can't even afford to buy the clothes and things at many of the stores the young people are shopping at. I guess this is gentrification in Canada... it's everywhere. I just thought it wouldn't be as bad as here in the US. Then again, Vancouver is a big city. I guess it's like that in most large cities in the US. I read online that Vancouver decreased spending on affordable housing years ago and now you can definitely see the turnout. Not good. If it wasn't for affordable housing... hell, I wouldn't be able to be where I am now in Austin. Nevertheless, Vancouver is a pretty cool place. I enjoyed walking around Stanley Park and using all the different modes of transportation. I think one of my favorite parts of the trip was when we went to the Suspension Bridge Park in the north part of Vancouver. Since both Jordan and I like to be outside, it was the perfect place to go and I can say I've never seen something like that before. Anyways, like usual...I took a bunch of pictures. These include a couple rolls of film.

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